Get the most out of your Faema espresso machine.

Use water from your machine boiler to make tea. This water is at boiling point which is the correct temperature for making tea. This will also prevent the water in your machine from becoming stagnant.
Wipe steam wand after every use and purge by releasing some steam through the holes. This will prevent the holes from blocking with old milk and tainting the taste of the fresh milk you use for the next coffee.
Wipe excess coffee grains off rim of coffee handle before locking into the machine group head. This will prevent the build up of coffee on the group head seals during the day.
Backwash the group heads with blind filter during quiet times of the day and also at the end of the night. This will clear out any coffee grains from the group shower disc.

Keep your cups on top of the machine and make sure a hot cup is used for every drink. This will help to make sure that each coffee beverage is the correct temperature when it reaches the customer.
Don't leave ground coffee in the dosing chamber of the grinder overnight. It will be stale by the next morning and will make an inferior espresso shot.
Don't leave fresh ground coffee in the group handle for more than a couple of seconds without pressing for coffee. The heat and water in the group head will make the coffee deteriorate very quickly and will result in an inferior espresso shot being made
Don't pour milk and coffee down the machine drip tray. It is not designed as a sink and will block up sooner or later.
Don't grind excess coffee during quiet times as it will not be fresh by the time you use it.
Don't leave steam wands soaking overnight in a jug of water. This will prevent milky water from travelling up the steam wand and into the machine boiler. If milk gets into the machine boiler you will have an unpleasant taste and smell from the hot water and steam.
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